Why Gutters are Essential in Florida

Living in Florida, you may have noticed that many houses don't have gutters. This is because the sandy soil absorbs most of the moisture quickly, and builders may be trying to save on costs. However, gutters are still essential in the state due to its high rainfall. Without gutters, rain that falls from an eaves washes away the soil near the house, which can cause subsidence and crack the foundation.

The state gets a lot of rain and may need gutters unless you have exceptional cases. Some areas get rainfall of up to 54 inches, so it's important to invest in gutters. If you have leaks in your rain gutters, contact a professional to have them repaired properly. Depending on when they are built, it's common for homes in Florida to not have rain gutters. Builders use this common practice to save on construction costs.

Although it rains and is very humid in Florida, it's not always necessary to install gutters in your home. You can do custom work and make gutters up to 5 inches wide and infinitely long. Gutters are essential in Florida due to its high rainfall. They help protect your home from subsidence and cracking of the foundation. Investing in gutters is important, and if you have any leaks, contact a professional for repair.