Why don't they have gutters in florida?

However, a large part of the houses still have little or no gutters. The fact that Florida has sandy soil and most of the moisture is quickly absorbed without homeowners seeing the pond may be the reason for that. Or, builders may be trying to save on costs and have decided that gutters aren't important. I live in Florida, have worked in construction and my father owns a sewer company.

Gutters are useful here because rain that falls from an eaves washes away the soil near the house, since Florida's soil is sandy. Houses in Florida do not have basements, so they have no other underground support other than the slab and the footers. Water that repeatedly falls so close to the house is likely to cause small subsidence below the footers and crack the foundation. The case of living in an area that doesn't get much rain may not apply to Florida.

The state gets a lot of rain and may need gutters unless you have the exceptional cases mentioned above. Some areas get rainfall of up to 54 inches, and that's one reason why you should invest in gutters. In the event that you have leaks in your rain gutters, you should also contact a professional to have them repaired properly. Depending on when they are built, it's common for homes in Florida to not have rain gutters.

As we said, builders use this common practice to save on construction costs. Although it rains and is very humid in Florida, it's not always necessary to install gutters in your home. They won't have special trucks for gutter equipment that remain unused for months at a time while framers, concrete managers, or roofers (who would be needed to function as gutters) wait for electricians, drywall, floor vendors, painters, etc. Without using the nonsense of gutters in the hardware store), you have the ability to do custom work and make gutters up to 5 inches wide and infinitely long.