Is Installing Gutter Guard Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

Deciding whether to install gutter protectors is a matter of weighing the initial expense with the long-term benefits.

Gutter protectors

are a controversial topic, and companies that sell and install these systems include in their advertising that their system will keep the gutters free of obstructions and without maintenance. If you have large trees in your yard, gutter protectors will really save you time and heavy work by helping to prevent gutters from becoming clogged. Gutter protectors do a relatively good job of keeping dirt out of the gutters, saving you the task of cleaning the gutters.

However, it's important to note that even with gutter protectors, you should still inspect and clean your gutters regularly. Some designs work better than others, but heavy rain often overloads the gutter protector and causes stormwater to overflow, especially on a large roof or a steep roof. Part (or all) of the gutter protector will need to be removed to clean them, which costs more than standard gutter cleaning. If someone is on your property and their rain gutter fails and falls on it, they will most likely be held responsible in a lawsuit. I have personally recorded several videos of gutter protectors that failed and I have photos of the micromesh gutter protector that I ended up putting in my house.

In addition, they can cause other problems, such as restricting rainwater runoff to gutters and ice dams in winter, whose repair can cost thousands of dollars, which far exceeds the perceived value of gutter protectors. Gutter protectors can reduce the amount of waste that actually reaches the gutter and downspout system. One of the gutter protection designs, the K-type gutter protector, goes under the roof tile and slightly lifts the first row of roof shingles. However, even companies that install gutter protectors recommend cleaning gutters periodically and the reason is simple. One of the main drawbacks of installing mosquito nets or gutter protectors is that they often give a false sense of security.

Smaller debris, such as pine needles, can often pass through gutter protectors and accumulate in the main channel of the gutter, causing blockages that require occasional cleaning. You can't expect a company to charge the same amount of money for doing more work, so if you make the mistake of installing gutter protectors, you shouldn't be surprised if your gutter cleaning bill is much higher than you expected. As an expert in this field, I can confidently say that providing a professional gutter cleaning service is safer, more cost-effective and reliable to keep your gutter system in good working order.