The History of Rain Gutters: From Ancient Times to Today

The history of rain gutters dates back to the Indus Valley civilization between 3000 BC. C. and 1500 BC. Built with bricks made of burnt clay, these ancient gutters served the same purpose as today's gutters: to collect and channel rainwater away from buildings and grass.

In the 1700s, cast iron became more affordable and became a popular material for gutters in Europe. Meanwhile, wooden gutters were still a popular solution in what would become the United States. In the Middle Ages, builders and homeowners were looking for a way to protect their buildings from rainwater out of necessity. This led to the installation of rain gutters, which have since become a common feature in most homes in the United States. Today, rain gutters are more advanced than ever before, but they still serve the same purpose as the first gutters: to collect water and channel it away from your home and grass.