Are Steel Gutters More Expensive Than Aluminum?

When it comes to choosing between aluminum and steel gutter materials, steel is the clear winner. Steel is a stronger material than aluminum, and our gutters are made with high-caliber galvanized steel for even greater strength. This means that our steel gutters will withstand the extreme temperatures of our winter season, year after year, while aluminum gutters can crack or split with such a drastic drop in temperature. In addition, aluminum gutters from other gutter companies are easily dented; our steel gutters will remain undamaged from windblown debris and will keep looking like new in the future.

PVC gutters, zinc gutters, and copper gutters are also commercially available, but many homeowners prefer aluminum and steel gutter materials. Aluminum gutters are more likely to leak than steel gutters, and on average, you should paint aluminum gutters every 10 years and steel gutters every three to four years. Installing seamless steel gutters will cost more, as a sheet metal operator will be required to form the gutters before hanging them. However, this cost is offset by the fact that steel gutters are more durable and require less maintenance than aluminum gutters.

In conclusion, while aluminum gutters may be cheaper initially, they require more maintenance and are less durable than steel gutters. Steel gutters may cost more upfront, but they will last longer and require less maintenance in the long run.