Why Does Rain Drip Behind Gutters?

Have you ever noticed water dripping from behind your gutters or running down the wall during a rainstorm? If so, you may be wondering why this is happening. The answer lies in the phenomenon of capillary action. Capillary action occurs when the molecules of a liquid feel a greater attraction to the surface of a solid than to each other as they travel along that surface. This means that when water passes over the edge of the roof, it will remain attracted to the surface of the drip edge and will run behind the gutter.

This can cause water stains to form on the wall if it lasts long enough. If you notice this happening to your house, but the gutters seem to be firmly attached to the wall, the problem may be with the leaking edge. It may have been too tight when it was installed, causing it to be too flat. This is not really a sewer issue. The fact that rainwater was running through the fascia was a problem that needed to be addressed regardless. Fortunately, there are solutions available for this issue.

You can install a new drip edge that is slightly curved, which will help keep water from running behind the gutter. You can also use sealants and caulking to fill any gaps between the gutter and fascia.