What is the longest gutter length?

To figure out the size of gutters you need, you'll first need to calculate the square footage of the gutter's drain area. Chuck Barringer, owner of M%26M, said that the next longest seamless gutter he knew was 450 feet long and was hung by Theodore's Seamless Gutters in Ellsworth, Maine. If you already have gutters installed and need to replace all or part of the system, you can measure the existing gutters to determine their width. The Thompson Creek replacement gutter system even reduces the need for regular maintenance, as it includes hoods that filter out a large amount of common waste.

However, if you want to install a completely new gutter system, you'll need to take some measurements on the roof to understand which gutter size is best. We offer both the standard 5K gutter and the larger 6K style gutter for larger homes, steep roofs, and problem areas.