What is the Longest Gutter You Can Get?

When it comes to gutters, size matters. While a 456-foot seamless gutter may seem like an impressive feat, it's actually much longer than an American football field, which is only 360 feet long. In fact, it's even six feet longer than a Canadian football field, which extends 110 yards (instead of 100) from one goal line to another and has 20-yard deep end zones. But why is size so important when it comes to gutters? Well, 6-inch gutters can handle approximately 40% more volume than a 5-inch seamless gutter system.

This means that if you're looking for a gutter system that can handle heavy rain and large volumes of water, then a 6-inch gutter is the best solution. The Thompson Creek replacement gutter system even reduces the need for regular maintenance, as it includes hoods that filter out a large amount of common waste. If you're looking to install a completely new gutter system, you'll need to take some measurements on the roof to understand which gutter size is best. If you already have gutters installed and need to replace all or part of the system, you can measure the existing gutters to determine their width. Many homeowners have found that their smaller 5-inch seamless gutters seem to overflow more easily in heavy rain.