When is the Best Time to Install Gutters?

Installing gutters is a job that should be done with care and precision. While it's possible to install gutters all year round, it's not always recommended. The most ideal time of year to install new gutters is during the spring, when the snow has melted and the gutters are free of debris. Homeowners also like to prepare for fall and winter, so gutter installation is planned before the fall wind and rain.

It's best to install gutters during dry summer days, when installers don't need to deal with rain or snow. When you're ready to install a new gutter system, you should be familiar with the process and have a clear idea of the type of gutters you would like to install in your home. Check the gutters first or ask a professional to evaluate them to see if it makes sense to repair them or if it is recommended to replace them completely. You can also choose to add a gutter filter product that you buy and install, such as a mesh filter over the gutter.

Especially with Buffalo's harsh winters, be sure to check your gutters periodically for any type of damage or even holes in the gutters. During the summer, some of the signs that indicate that you need to replace your rain gutter are the same as in spring. If your house is stuck in the clutches of winter, if there are accumulations of ice and heavy snow that fill the gutters and the edge of the roof, you may have to wait until early spring to completely change them. There are several different types of gutters, so gutter installation varies depending on the style and brand of the gutters. If you have a gutter buildup emergency and it's because the gutters are leaking, sinking, or damaged, it's best to fix it before the gutters cause other home renovation problems.

Some companies may offer you an “early bird discount” for gutter installation work in winter, since it's the low season, but you run the risk of your new gutter system being damaged.